PLANETTEK Environment and Treatment Technologies A.S. presents the most developed and new technologies about waste water, clean water treatment, solid waste management, unchemical water conditioning. However the company never rules out that the perfect technologies aren't sustainable unless they are economical and manageable easily. Since 2004 PlanetTEK created PlanetDISK brand with rotary biological disc technology. It is also a Turkish company manufacturing and exporting the biggest DBD package treatment units. We are proud of being the only and the first biodisc company of over 2m diameter and CE certified. PlanetTEK A.S. is a company gathering the most developed technology companies under a single roof and has been enlarging its product range. Love for people and nature lies under this advenced technology. The most important subject of 21st century is endangered natural sources, water and environment. PlanetTEK A.S. owns one step ahead technologies and vision against Turkey's and world's environment problems.

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